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[About] Account Deactivation

Post by DivineST » Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:02 pm

Life gets crazy! That is something everyone can understand at one point or another. However, in order to keep our population current and plots moving forward, we are enacting a deactivation policy.

Individuals who have not logged in during a period of 30 days will receive a private message to their account asking if they are still interested in participating in the game; if they are not, the account will be deactivated and the character moved to the Inactive usergroup - the account will not be deleted, and thus the individual need only to email the Staff at mta . ExMiscellanea @ gmail .com (no spaces, preserve punctuation) to request their account reactivated.

If an individual does not respond to the private message within 7 days, or even log in, their account will be deactivated as above.

If an individual responds to the message and things are just hectic but people still want to play, we can work together to sort out where the character is and more time will be given before you will again be asked about interest in playing; all we need is to know that interest is still there and you just need some time.

In the case of deactivation due to idleness, a character will simply be given a story reason to no longer be within the city. In the case of deactivation due to lack of interest (either in the character or the game overall), another exit will be discussed, with the potential for the character to be terminated in a fashion tied to an existing plot or to kick off another plotline. For more information about character removal, please see 'Shelving Characters' (post to come soon).
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