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[General] About the Game

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:27 pm 
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Providence is a play-by-post forum game based in a reflection of Providence, Rhode Island, that utilizes a modified version of the ruleset established in White Wolf's World of Darkness genre, Mage: the Ascension, Revised (3rd) Edition. Modifications had to be made to the system and rules due to the drastic differences between a tabletop game and a forum-based game.

The people who have worked on Providence, both staff and players alike, wish to create a cooperative storytelling setting, in which players are encouraged to branch out and create some of their own, minor plots amongst themselves, while still being given plots by the storytelling staff; the environment we hope to foster is one in which players are not completely dependent on the storyteller's say, but the storyteller still exists to promote balance, fairness, and to settle disputes.

Here at Providence, we do allow multiple characters, all of which have to be approved by the storytelling staff, who will usually be of varying power tiers, an optional, sometimes unique rule in which varying caps and freebies determine what a character's 'base sheet' looks like, before any experience is added over the course of the game. The staff chooses a character's power level, determined by some variables, such as the number of PCs in each tier at the time of submission, the concept of the individual character, and a few other things. This is an unbiased decision, usually discussed among several people before being given to the requesting player.

All in all, we are here to create an enjoyable, personal experience among creative minds, with a focus on the story.

"And what is the potential man, after all? Is he not the sum of all that is human? Divine, in other words?" - Henry Miller

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