Here you will find information about the setting, as well as some general posts that you should take note of.
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[General] About the Game

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ExMiscellanea is a play-by-post forum game based in a modified reflection of Providence, Rhode Island - as viewed through the ens of the World of Darkness. This game utilizes the Revised Edition ruleset of White Wolf's Mage: the Ascension gameline. These rules, some fluff, and some metaplot elements have been changed or adapted differently to account for the vast differences between the gameplay medium of play-by-post and the ruleset's intended medium of tabletop gaming.

The people who have built ExMiscellanea into what it is - staff and players, alike - have done so with the intention of creating a cooperative storytelling environment in which players are encouraged to branch out and create some of their own minor plots among and between the beats of larger, broader-scale plots presented and woven by the storytelling staff. The fostered environment hopes to be one in which players are not solely dependent upon the storyteller, but the storyteller exists to promote balance, fairness, settle disputes, and maintain consistency within the overall story.

In all, we are here to create an enjoyable, personal experience among creative minds, with a focus on the story.

ExMiscellanea entertains only one character per account, but allows for multiple characters per player - all of which must be approved by the storytelling staff before they enter play. Unlike standard creation rules, the game utilizes a unique structure of power tiers - varying caps and freebie points that determine what a character's 'starting' sheet looks like before the character enters the story, that differs from the book's starting ruleset. The staff chooses a character's power level - which is determined by variables such as: the number of PCs in each tier at the time of submission; the concept of the individual character; the player's familiarity with Mage lore and genre; and so forth. This is an unbiased decision that is discussed among several individuals before being assigned to a character.

If you are ready to dive in, feel free to visit the User Registration guideline, and then proceed to the Steps of Character Creation.

Notes About Revised Edition Mage:
  • Revised-Era Tone: Wars end, eventually, and the Ascension War is clearly over. The Technocracy has won the battle for humanity, and though the Traditions still exist, they are on their way to being crushed under the steel boot of Control. A great storm surges through the Umbra, cutting off nearly all Umbral travel. This Avatar Storm attempts to shred any human being with an Awakened Avatar, be they Tradition Mage or Convention Scientist. The setting is one of resistance against destruction. Mages are insurgents in a world that no longer has a need or desire for the wonder that they offer, and it is up to them to restore that light of hope and wonder and foster it - in themselves and in the Sleepers the Masters before them had abandoned.

    Revised-Era Themes: Insurgency and Desperation are the core themes of this edition. The Technocracy is a nuanced force, but they have declared their victory. Apathy is rampant amongst the Sleepers, and yet some Mages still fight hard for the world.

    Revised-Era Book / Movie / TV Influences [ from Phil "Satyros" Brucato ]: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, Constantine (2005 movie), Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (1997), The Magicians by Lev Grossman, American Gods and Sandman by Neil Gaiman, American Horror Story: Coven (2013), Dr. Strange (2016 movie)

    Revised-Era Musical Influences [ from Phil "Satyros" Brucato ]: Rage Against The Machine, Sonic Boom Six, Abney Park, The Sisters of Mercy
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