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Gary Greenway

Lorekeeper and Member of the Researchers

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Gary Greenway

Name: Gary Greenway
Nicknames: GG, Gee, Cap'n, Greenway, Captain Awesome

Representative Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles
Tradition: Virtual Adept
Cabal: The Researchers
Chantry Position: Lorekeeper

Physical Description: Appearance 3 (Nerd.)
At 24, He's lean, near a hundred and fifty pounds. There's not a ton of muscle that's defined, and his skin looks a bit worn and tired. He's not tall, standing just shy of six feet. Heavy under-eye circles from what could very easily be fatigue. Often with a cup of coffee in hand or readily available. A fair number of very small scratches litter his forearms and (when visible) ankles. They are superficial more than anything. Tattoo of a power sign on his chest, which he will always claim was a drunken endeavor.
Notable Possessions: Powerful gaming computer and a netbook that rivals the gaming system.

Personality Overview: Charisma 3
Gary's the type of person who's prone to being just out of place. He fits in well in certain specific environments; Teaching and helping people heal being some examples. Besides those two, there's just something innately awkward about him. And the more out of his knowledge base he drifts, say into the romantic or intimate, the more likely he is to find himself floundering over what to say.

It could also stem from some innate paranoia the Adept has been expressing over the past months. I mean, it's not like someone's actually out to get him... right? Do they still call it paranoia if they are out to get you?

He has no interest in physical confrontation, and will go out of his way to actually avoid one, but for a nerd of his caliber, he can throw down well enough if it's in defense of his friends or family. And if things get a little magickal, then it's a whole new can of worms besides, even if he still couldn't stand up to the truly trained, he would damned well try.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Offensive to Animals || Insomnia || Addiction (Caffeine)
Offensive to Animals. If you have small animals, they instinctively do not like / will attack Gary.
Addiction: Nicotine/Caffeine. He is always seen with one or the other, often both. Damn those anti-smoker laws!
Insomnia - The Adept is almost always in a state of fatigue due to the inability to get sufficient sleep in a night.

Known Recent History: Began his doctorate work, has an imaging lab at Brown university. Hasn't been too major in the practicing of magic, but has been making endeavors to acquire lore and generally learn more about the supernatural community(ies). Occasionally, he is out of town for weekends, but most of his travel is limited at the present.
General Mortal Knowledge: He's a Doctorate student and associate professor at Brown, and has some sizable grant for his tech. He's well-qualified with an above-average IQ, and used to be seen on multiple occasions with Sophie Addams.

Nowadays, Gary spends a fair bit of time at coffee shops and at Brown, working. When he's not found at either of those two locations, he's almost always found in Rhode Island Hospital where he is a consultant on medical trials for a technology he is developing. If you Still can't find him and need to, you can reach him at (email address removed).