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Isolde Bell

Masters Student of History at Brown

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Description Template

Isolde Bell

Name: Isolde Bell
Nicknames: Isolde unless you wish to be scolded.
Age: Early 20s

Representative Tarot Card: Unknown
Tradition: Uninitiated Apprentice to the Cult of Ecstasy

Physical Description: Appearance 4 [Luminiscent]
Isolde is a very attractive with a sort of Luminescent quality to her, her hair is very golden and her skin is smooth and fair. She also has unusually bright green eyes, it is incredibly noticeable no matter the lighting or the clothes she is wearing. She often can be seen wearing tight fitting and fashionable clothing, and usually has her hair down.
Notable Possessions: A silver Cross hangs around her neck.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 [Trustworthy]
Isolde is a very high energy and friendly individual. She is very rarely seen without a smile, and has a very bouncy attitude to her. People find her approachable and friendly, she always seems able to light up a room or bring people's spirits up.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Uncanny 2
She has unusually bright green eyes.

Known Recent History: To those of the Chantry, Isolde was once Willow Bellerose of the Order of Hermes. In late November, early December of 2012, she gave up both her magic and her identity/memories to the dragons as reparation for the death of one of theirs. She was none the wiser after the fact, having been remade into a Sleeper by the name of Isolde Bell, barista at Starbucks and enthusiastic student at Brown.

Or at least, that was the case up until October 2013, at which point she Awakened. She has since become the apprentice of Deacon Sophie Addams of the Cult of Ecstasy and lives at the chantry.
General Mortal Knowledge: She works as a shift supervisor at the Starbucks on Thayer Street part time. She is currently studying History and Mythology at Brown, however hopes to add Physics, Religious Studies and linguistics to her degrees before graduating.