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Winifred Dagon

Member of the Misfits

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Description Template

Winifred Dagon

Name: Winifred Dagon
Nicknames: Fred, Freddie; special cases get to call her Winnie

Representative Tarot Card: The Star
Tradition: Hollow Ones
Cabal: Misfits
Chantry Position: Unconventional therapist?

Physical Description: Appearance 3 [Unique]
A milky skintone and bright eyes are complemented by shockingly bright hair that changes colors, often ranging from teal to blue to green to red and back again. Sometimes these colors are offset by her natural dark brownish black hair color. She is average at five and a half feet tall and her frame is athletically thin but accentuated by moderate curves; she is no supermodel but she is attractive in her own quirky way. She sports a nose ring and slightly gauged earrings but has no other immediately noticeable body modifications.
Notable Possessions: N/A

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 [Charming]
Fred is an energetic person with a likable personality. She likes to talk to people and has a sense of timelessness to her manner; she is a clash of modern chatter and Victorian etiquette. Unless someone saw her in action, it would probably be hard to tell what her job was because of how she acts off-the-clock.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Uncanny 2
Freddie is very memorable, most likely because of her everchanging hair.

Known Recent History: Freddie kept a low profile for a while after arriving into the area, first coming into sights of the chantry after a conflict occurred at her place of work. She is a member of the Misfits cabal and works to help people find bright places in life, be it through thrilling activities, close contact or comedic relief. She has a questionable relationship with Soren neither really speak on.
General Mortal Knowledge: She works at a nightclub called the Bloody Baron. She works primarily as a bartender, but there are rumors she also works in the upstairs area.