A presentation of the in-character history of the game as the tangled stories of ExMiscellanea unravel and progress.
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Post by DivineST » Thu Feb 11, 2021 1:07 am

The game ExMiscellanea began - officially - in June 2012. At the time of this writing, it is February 2021 - almost nine years later.

A lot has happened within the story over those nine years. Several characters have been here since the beginning, as well; but even while major events might have happened to characters, players might not recall everything.

This forum serves not only as an introduction to potential players as to the narrative they may be entering into, but also as a means for extant players to refresh their memories of some of the major storylines or elements over the course of the game's runtime.

This is an out-of-character accounting, and it does not account for everything; but it can serve as a starting place for recalling or discovering more. Further, because it outlines major events by Season - and the dates thereof - it can help lend timeline context to characters' Known History in their profiles for each Season a character was present.

Each Season has its own thread, and new Seasons will be added after their finale as a 'recap'.


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