A Mage the Ascension play-by-post Game

The Story of Thirteen Faiths

This game began back in June of 2012, and as such keeping up with the running history of the game can be challenging at times. The opening prelude to the story can be found below, but the timeline has been broken into 'seasons' - much like a television show - in order to better share the overall story. We are currently in the early portion of Season Three. The links to the right will take you to the named season for a recap of the in-game history of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths and the people who have become a part of it.



In September of 2011, Sophie Addams and Gary Greenway traveled to Providence, RI from Boston, MA to escape the madness that was the Chantry of the Red Dragon and to pursue a calmer life. That was not a likely thing to happen for two mages, however, and while Sophie explored the area of Providence for the sake of a personal project, she discovered a slumbering Node beneath the street level.

Cautious use of divination revealed that the Node had once served as the foundation of the Chantry of Divine Favor, a Chorister Chantry that had originally formed in 1938, but that descended into disuse during the Vietnam Conflict, an era in which riots destroyed the church that had become Divine Favor's physical embodiment. The Node itself, then unused, fell into hibernation, waiting for the time when it would again serve as a focus of life.


In December 2011, Sophie had convinced Gary that they needed to reAwaken the Node, and to assist with this endeavor she contacted Susan Conway, who still resided at the Chantry of the Red Dragon. Susan decided to travel to Providence to assist, needing to leave Boston for her own personal reasons, and with the her help and that of some stray members of the nearby Dhaiga Sanctuary, the group was able to return the Node to an active state.

Construction for a new building, explicitly for the purposes of housing a chantry's physical needs, began almost immediately, largely due to Sophie's social connections and Susan's ridiculous wealth. However, allies in the supernatural community were difficult to come by. ReAwakening a Node had an unforeseen effect on the Umbral reflection of the immediate area, which disrupted the workings of local shapeshifters, and the Node's history as a part of a Chorister Chantry led to tensions with a nearby, modern Chorister chantry, Dhaiga Sanctuary, as well as the Celestial Chorus in general.

The group was not deterred, and it slowly adopted defectors from Dhaiga Sanctuary, outcasts such as Josette Martinez and Kieran Alexander. With resolve - or stubbornness - bolstering their efforts and a slowly growing mage population on their side, the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths was founded. Sophie Addams was chosen to serve as the Deacon of the chantry, due to her social skills and connections; Susan Conway was chosen as the first Sentinel, due to her martial prowess and experience within the magical community; and Gary Greenway decided to fill the role of the Lorekeeper.

Thus, the chantry was born, and so began its story.