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Andrew Walker

Member of Makeshift Horizon

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Description Template

Andrew Walker

Name: Andrew Walker
Nicknames: Andy, 3n1GM4
Resonance: Dynamic 2 (Flitting), Entropic 1 (Renewing), Entropic 1 (Storm-Tainted), Static 1 (Questioning)

Representative Tarot Card: Ace of Swords
Tradition: Dreamspeaker (Faction: Spirit Smiths)
Cabal: Makeshift Horizon
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 3
Awkward and ungainly could describe Andrew; he is more arms and legs than anything else, and stands at 6'0", which is tall for his 18 years. He has brown hair that is shaggy and sometimes moussed up and back, though it is usually just disheveled, and his eyes are brown. Still there is a geeky charm to his appearance that has been popularized in the recent decade, and in the end it could be worse.

His style usually consists of geeky tees and blue jeans that have holes or stains on them from paint, engine oil, whathaveyou, but sometimes he wears a suit and tie, which he doesn't do often because he claims it makes him look too much like a 'fancy scarecrow'.
Notable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds:
He has odds and ends on hand at a given time, from tools of various sizes to pens and pencils and scraps of paper. He has a fancy smartphone that sasses him with more snark than Siri manages. (Wonder)

Someone with a fair understanding of Spirits might be able to decipher his behavior and the connection thereof. (Totem)

His touch is cold as ice. No, seriously, ice - there's more to it than 'it's cold outside' or 'oh, it's anemia'; this is along the lines of 'you could freeze parts of Hell over with those'. For this reason, he shies away from physical contact with everyone or wears gloves. It has also hampered his ability to discern the temperature around him and so he dresses out-of-season unless someone reminds him it's cold as balls out and he should put on a coat. (Touch of Frost)

He has an unusually easy time crossing the Avatar Storm to reach the Gauntlet. This only seems to extend to him directly, as far as the Storm is concerned, though others seeking to cross the Gauntlet near him find the Gauntlet to be thinner. (Stormwarden, Natural Shallowing)

Personality Overview: Charisma 3
Around people, Andy is horribly awkward and socially blind; he misses some cues and often tries to turn straightforward responses into veiled references or complicated implications. Sometimes he's dreadfully blunt, but a lot of times he gives roundabout responses where directness would have suited best.

With spirits, however, it's a whole other matter; they're his bread and butter, and he fits right in with them. His manner doesn't change, but what is awkward with people is much more confident in the world of spirits.