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Susan Conway

Sentinel of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

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Susan Conway

Name: Susan Conway
Age: Somewhere between nineteen and twenty

Representative Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles
Tradition: Euthanatos (Lhaksmists)
Cabal: The Researchers
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 4 [Physically Fit] || Dexterity 5 [Feline Grace]
At 5' 4" and 110 lbs, Susan is built like an olympic gymnist with better curves. She keeps her blonde hair cut around the neck and so it frames her face, serving a stark contrast to her dark grey-green eyes. It is rare to see her outside of her tradition's stereotypical black, to which she often goes with jeans and a tanktop or baby-doll tee. Despite the season she almost always wears a black duster made of a light but strong fabric, and on occation she manages to rock a black fedora.
Notable Possessions: Susan always wears several pieces of steel jewelry (steel, not silver). Theses are engraved with complex mathmatical equations, hindi mantras, elaborate geometics designs that seem seem to trick distort perception of area, old norse runes, medival alchemical symbols, and musical staves.

Susan also possesses a pair of swords made of some sort of black steel, one decorated with ruby sanskrit listing several Hindu Mantras, the other with sapphire script listing several core equations to modern mathematics and physics. Right above the hilt on the blade is an etching of a gear with a rose blooming in the center. (Note: these are Wonders)

Personality Overview: Charisma 2
Susan tends to be somewhat blunt and to the point, not one to mince words or dance around issues. She's proud of who she is and doesn't take crap for anyone. Anyone who has been around her long enough knows she is also out of the closet and makes no effort to hide the fact she's a lesbian.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Ambidextrous || Cat-like Balance
Susan is a creature of physical power and grace, and it shows. Her stride is confident, not just from personality but from someone who knows they can react in an instant.

Known Recent History: Susan arrived to Providence around January of 2012 and almost immediately took up the position of Sentinel of the new Chantry; those who had been around knew that she funded a decent amount of the construction there. There was some complicated degree of a dynamic between Susan and the Deacon of the Chantry, though near August or September of the same year it became apparent that Susan was involved with Willow Bellerose.

Susan shunned cabals when the idea was broached and adopted by the members of the Chantry in November 2012, though she paired herself with fellow Euthanatos Hayley Flores; she left the meeting almost as soon as it devolved to group discussions among potential cabals; Willow was conspicuously absent during the Chantry-wide meeting. Later that month, Susan facilitated negotiations between the dragons and the Chantry in attempts to avert a war, and these negotiations resulted in Willow giving up her magic and identity to meet the dragons' demands, for which Susan was present.

Almost immediately following this event, Susan dropped contact with the Chantry until mid-December, where she returned to once more take on the duties of Sentinel she had dropped during her absence. It is known by most that in early January 2013, Susan's quick thinking was partially responsible for the survival of her housemate Hayley.

Susan continued about her normal life and duties with little notable changes according to the public eye until October 2013, where she was abruptly discharged from the office of Sentinel for a 'breach of Protocol', and she swiftly removed herself from the Chantry until the beginning of November when it was announced that she had been restored as a member of the Chantry. At the next group meeting in mid-November, becoming a part of a cabal became mandatory, and she joined with Hayley, Gary, and new-person Henna to form a cabal focused on research and the collection of knowledge of a variety of topics. Later that month, she petitioned the Council to return as the liaison between the chantry and the dragons, but her request was denied.
General Mortal Knowledge: Susan is rich - the type of rich where money becomes almost a non-issue in almost every aspect of life. She has little issue spreading the wealth and it is a bit of a challenge to anyone else to pay for anything when she's around. She is known to be rather close to the Deacon of the Chantry of the Thirteen Faiths, though the nature of their relationship is unknown.