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Paige Anderson

Apprentice to the Hollow Ones

"She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell." ― Nikita Gill

Description Template

Paige Anderson

Name: Paige Anderson
Nicknames: N/A
Resonance: Entropic 1 (Subtle)

Representative Tarot Card: Judgment
Tradition: Apprenticed to Hollow Ones
Cabal: N/A
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 3 (Edgy)
Paige is a tomboyish young woman with pale skin, dyed black hair, and blue-grey eyes. She's slender, leaning a bit toward too thin, though she seems to have a more muscle hidden under her dark clothes than she lets on. Most often found in dark comfortable clothing, she looks like she might clean up well should the situation call for styled hair, makeup, a dress, and heels.
Notable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds:
Even without meaning to, Paige reminds people of Red Riding Hood. Sometimes she comes off as a naive girl wandering the 'woods'/streets, oblivious to the danger of doing so alone; other times she comes off as someone shrewd and discerning when faced with proverbial 'monsters' -depending upon the assumptions one has about Red Riding Hood. (Sanctity, Primal Marks/Legend (Red Riding Hood))

Notably, Paige is unable to witness vulgar magics; it unravels around her as if she were a Sleeper. (Sleepwalker)

Personality Overview: Charisma 3