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Silas Graves

Member of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

"Terrible things happen to good people every day. Consequentially, I'm not one of the good people, I'm one of the terrible things."

Description Template

Silas Graves

Name: Silas Graves
Nicknames: Sparrow
Resonance: Entropic 1 (Nightmarish)

Representative Tarot Card: Reversed Hierophant, influenced by the Hermit
Tradition: Dreamspeaker (Faction: Independent)
Cabal: N/A
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 3 (Youthful)
Silas is a youth of sometimes indiscernible age -most of the time he seems to be between 13 and 16, depending on how he carries himself, but sometimes he looks even younger, at least in his facial features. He has light brown hair that fades closer to blond in the summertime and darkens in the winter, and expressive brows that are often set seriously. His eyes are dark brown, with an unnerving hint of echoes -not quite 'emptiness', but not the full range of what most people betray with their eyes.

Silas wears a range of attire but normally sticks with too-big tees and blue jeans that have probably seen better days, along with scuffed outdoors boots. Sometime he wears a distinctive jacket.
Notable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds:
Silas has an unusual talent for magic and mystic concepts, which hints he may have grown up within a magical household or Awakened far earlier than his approach of the Traditions indicates. (Prodigy, Adolescent)

He has an unusually strong affiliation with a spirit most cannot identify, whether because it morphs based on the looker or because it is a relatively little-dealt-with spirit is unclear. He doesn't refer to the spirit by name, but he acknowledges that he follows it and it helps him. The shadowy, mysterious nature of the spirit may in fact play a part in Silas' aptitude for stealth, himself as slippery as his spirit-friend when he wishes to be. (Totem? Familiar? Something; Ability Aptitude: Stealth, Arcane)

Notably, Silas' magic feels unnerving on an instinctual level. Not only is it touched by a Nightmarish quality, but it also has a sickening twist to it. It doesn't feel fully Nephandic, but it doesn't feel wholly pure, either. Silas doesn't attempt to hide this quality -though he is self-conscious about it- nor does he hide the fact he is striving to learn how to 'fix' it. (Nephandic Taint)

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 (Captivating)
The young Dreamspeaker is a soft-spoken but sometimes chilling individual. On the surface and to most who meet him, he is very serious and usually direct, though he speaks as though he is older than his outward appearance suggests. That impression is furthered by his almost desensitized demeanor in the face of what most would consider horrific or devastating events -he is cool under fire and oddly unflappable when it comes to overt atrocities. (Unflappable)

Instead, what makes him nervous -and pegs him as the young teen he is- are personal interactions. He can deal with monsters and attempt to soothe the frightened, but casual chatting over coffee seems to turn him into an interesting but anxious mess, like he hasn't been as well-integrated socially as most people have been by the time they're his age. That doesn't mean that he can't, he just frequently seems uncomfortable doing so until or unless he knows his conversation partner well.