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Chloe Malinskinov

Member of the Lamplighters

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Description Template

Chloe Malinskinov

Name: Chloe Malinskinov
Nicknames: Blue, Bubbles, "The Russian"

Representative Tarot Card: Nine of Swords
Tradition: Celestial Chorus
Cabal: The Lamplighters
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 4 (Uncanny)
Chloe sticks out in a crowd because of her choice in dress and the blinding colors she chooses for her hair. She has electric blue hair that sometimes has purple and always has white underneath, and it is kept above her shoulders. Her eyes are equally blue and bottomless, and they're very hard to forget. She is thin with average curves and is of an average height too. Despite her insanely bright colors and the attitude she tries to show to people Chloe does bear some notable scars (that will be detailed in scenes where they're not covered up). As it is, she is almost always in long sleeves and skinny jeans while donning some fabulous accessory like a bandanna or scarf around her neck or a fashionable ribbon choker.
Notable Possessions: She always carries a worn rosary and always has something around her throat.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 (Candid)
Chloe has an incredibly thick Russian accent that oftentimes makes it difficult for her to be understood, but she is straightforward and honest, unafraid of stating her opinion. She often seems closed or guarded but she does genuinely like to and wants to help people. She is devout in her faith, but she is known to waver from time to time because she isn't as confident without the presence of a shepherd.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Uncanny 2
Chloe's bright hair and impossibly blue eyes make it hard to forget her.

OOC Notes: I try to write Chloe's speech as it sounds, so forgive me if you don't understand what she is saying--this is perfectly normal and is the reason why I endeavor to write her speech as it sounds instead of simply what she is saying--with an accent as thick as hers, not everyone will understand her 100% of the time. Please bear with me.

Known Recent History: Chloe was in Boston for a couple years but was called down to Providence as a favor to the deacon of the chantry. Why she was asked down was unknown to most.

She has consistently kept herself off the radar since arriving, helping people alongside her cabal but causing little trouble on her own.
General Mortal Knowledge: She is a random kid in the city who likes to help people out from time to time.