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Maeve O'Shea


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Maeve O'Shea

Name: Maeve O'Shea
Nickname(s): Mae

Representative Tarot Card: The Empress with influence from the Chariot
Tradition: Euthanatos (Aided)
Cabal: Vigilum Nox
Chantry Position: Council Representative for Vigilum Nox

Physical Description: Appearance 4 [Sultry]
From her name to her flaming red hair, Maeve is undeniably Irish. She has porcelain skin that is dotted with freckles (which are only visible when she isn't wearing makeup) and vibrant blue eyes that stand out from the muted ivory of her flesh and contrasts sharply with the rich, natural orange-red of her hair color. Her facial features are regal and delicately rounded, with high but soft cheekbones and full lips. She is modestly average in height, around 5'4 or 5'5, but she sometimes augments her height with heels, and her frame is thin but desirably curved. She dresses in a variety of styles but leans toward the upper-middle class, and she most often dresses in a way that implies rather than gives the full picture.
Notable Possessions: Despite not being a smoker, she can sometimes be seen fidgeting with an ornate, silver lighter. She also always wears a silver locket that she is rather protective of.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 [Confident] || Sex Appeal
When in group company, Maeve is competent but compliant; she usually defers to the most dominant personality of the group, but she freely offers her opinion on matters. In one-on-one interactions, she is extremely self-confident and favors close quarters, though she doesn't often touch people as she's speaking to them. She seems to cycle through dominant personality traits, from empathy to coyness to humor, but everything she does, she does with self-assurance and confidence.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Ward
She possesses a very, very strong reflection of her Irish heritage, and supernatural circles throw around rumors that she is related, directly or distantly depending on who is telling whom, to Irish werewolves, though she is mum on the truth of the matter. It is also difficult to discern, but possible to learn that she has a seven-year-old daughter.

Known Recent History: When Maeve moved to Providence from Philadelphia with her daughter, Caera, not much was known of her in the mystic community, though magi who were in Ireland around 3 or 4 years ago should PM me for more information.

After the first public incident with the figure that would come to be known as the White Rabbit, she made herself known to Soren Russo and joined his cabal to assist with hunting down the Marauder. Endeavors in such and her sophisticated demeanor, along with her knack for organization and ability to actually have a phone, made her the point of contact for her cabal and in October of 2013 she was chosen by Soren to replace him as the head of Vigilum Nox on the Council with his appointment as Sentinel.

Her rapport with her cabalmates hint at questionable character but humor all the same, though she is often described as a classy lady by outsiders. Lately few may notice a certain intimidating individual hanging around her in public.
General Mortal Knowledge: Maeve moved to Providence from Philadelphia at the end of 2012. As far as most people can tell, she is a substitute teacher.