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Josette Martinez

Leader of the Spiritus Curantis Society

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Josette Martinez

Name: Josette Martinez
Nickname(s): Joe, Josie

Representative Tarot Card: Eight/Nine of Cups
Tradition: Dreamspeaker (Ghost Wheel Society)
Cabal: Spiritus Curantis Society
Chantry Position: Council Member; Miss Fix-It

Physical Description: Appearance 4 [Desirable]
Josette is a girl in her late teens or early twenties with a body that encourages mental images of the mechanic pinup girl. She is of average height, but she often wears clothes that are too big when around the shop -all the more to catch the grease with. When not working at the shop (see, rarely), her personal style speaks of a steampunk flair. She dyes her hair bubblegum pink or darker most of the time -though sometimes she sports purple, blue and a rare green- and her eyes are bright hazel. She has a septum piercing, a Monroe, and various ear piercings. She has many tattoos, too. Sometime mid to late October 2012, her left shoulder developed bright blue streaks like webbing from her shoulder to her elbow; not bruises, because the blue literally shimmers, and because of this she usually wears long or half sleeves. In early September 2013, these blue streaks extended to her back, following the length of her spine and resembling almost a tree, though medically-aware viewers may notice a pattern similar to the major veins and arteries, and in mid to late October 2013 she also gained shimmering blue streaks similar to those on her left shoulder on her right thigh from hip to knee.
Late November 2013 (est 22): Her hair is currently a natural dark brunette, and she has taken out all of her piercings except the one in her septum and her gauged earrings.
Notable Possessions: Always has a toolbox or toolbelt nearby.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 [Alluring]
Spunky but rough around the edges. She says what she means, and there is little room for misinterpretation. She spaces out from time to time and sometimes talks to her tools or the vehicles she is working on.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Criminal Record
Joe has a criminal history -it mostly involves car theft and possession of stolen goods.

Known Recent History: Joe used to belong to Dhiaga Sanctuary, the Celestial Chorus-run chantry in Providence, but she wanted to distance herself from it for reasons unknown. She became a member of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths and then remained distant from members until about two or so years ago.

A year ago, she was completely devastated by the loss of the Sanctuary, but she was distracted from her grief by the need to see to the health of her cabal-mate Phoebe after a near-disembodiment, and she took on the mantle of cabal leader and grew close to the Council members as a result. She had spent the first several months of 2013 digging through the spiritual history of the city and working alongside the Misfits to lighten things up a little.

September 2013 changed a lot of things for the mechanic, who saw a severe shift in personality to something more self-destructive and nonchalant in areas concerning her own well-being. More recently, she has been lightening up and returning to her usual spunky self, but there is a little less 'party' in her behavior and more maturity and caution, though old habits tend to die hard. The whys of a lot of these changes, good and bad, aren't broadcasted at all.

Lately, she has been making some regular visits to the chantry's library, and she also has a frequent visitor around the garage in the form of Gary Greenway.
General Mortal Knowledge: Hot mechanic who tends to make things run better than they did before you brought them in.