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Soren Russo

Former Sentinel of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths, Member of Vigilum Nox

A smartass with a reputed mean streak a mile wide, Soren used to be one of the Sentinels of the chantry, until he resigned in March 2015, citing 'personal reasons'. He has stayed somewhat out of the general chantry spotlight since then.

Description Template

Soren Russo

Name: Soren Russo
Nicknames: Loki (old cabal); Damned Lunatic (Traditional mages in general); McBroody

Representative Tarot Card: The Hanged Man
Tradition: Hollow Ones
Cabal: Vigilum Nox; formerly of Histronics (NYC)
Chantry Position: None; formerly Sentinel (Oct '13 - Mar '15); formerly Council rep for Vigilum Nox (Nov '12 - Oct '13)

General Physical Description: Appearance 3
As his name implies, Soren is a young man of Italian heritage that is apparent in his general appearance: he has dark brown, almost black, curly hair that is somewhat shaggy and dark eyes that are rarely soft, but a pale complexion. He is somewhat tall, nearing six feet, and he almost always dresses in dark colors, with sleeves that cover his various tattoos and loose-fitting jeans that could not really be described as baggy. For almost as long as the general populace can remember him, he typically has a pair of black, fitted gloves on-hand somewhere, and it is common to find him in a coat, even out-of-season.

On the rare occasions he wears a tee-shirt or something without sleeves -or when training and dressed for such- it is readily apparent that the Hollow One is in incredible physical condition, like he has spent a lifetime training and conditioning to be nimble but strong. Because of this, it might be easy to guess that the dark colors may be intentional for their slimming effect. He also has visible scars of a self-inflicted variety on his forearms, deep and angry-looking: there are fifteen on his left and sixteen on his right, all in rows.

Soren used to wear a simple silver bead-chain on which hangs a battered silver band etched with various symbols. This was usually kept under his shirt and was most visible when he had been training, but he did not begin wearing it until the beginning of 2013, following the death of Magpie Maggie. He stopped wearing it in either February or March of 2015.

Instead, for most of 2015, he wore a silver and crystal ring on his right ring finger. This has since been replaced by another, simpler ring. While the silver and crystal one had been a Wonder, the one he wears currently is not.
Tattoos: Soren has an array of tattoos that cover his skin, and he seems to have accrued at least one new one each year so far. Initially, he had a skull tattoo on his chest that is positioned over his heart, as well as a full back design that seeps onto his right arm in the form of a half sleeve. However, on August 9, 2012, the tattoo bled over onto his left upper arm, as well. It spread even further in June 2013, this time over the ribs and down his left side. His most recent tattoo was gained along the back of his right calf in September 2014. All of his tattoos share a significant death motif, notably skulls serving as the focal point of the various pieces, but the artistic style seems to vary.

Noticeable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds: People often give conflicting descriptions of Soren when he is not present or has not made himself the center of attention, and when he tries to be nothing more than an observer he frequently goes unnoticed. People often forget his name, appending nicknames or half-assed descriptions in order to discuss him when he isn't present, and he is mystically next to impossible to trace or find. (Arcane)

Unfortunately for Soren, when people do notice him it is entirely possible they may notice that his shadow moves of its own accord, as though it is a separate being. This phenomenon began in September '12, but in late 2015, his shadow began to take a form of its own, often predatory or wolf-like in a reflection of something else, which might tie to recently-exaggerated aspects of his nature. (Echoes (Feral Shadow))

From September '12 until November '15, Soren's touch possessed a notable chill that had only grown worse over the years, to the point where he typically physically interacted with few people or living things because they instinctively avoided touching him (Touch of Frost). However, in very late November of '15, after he developed and reinforced strong bonds with people in spite of his learned loner nature, his Touch of Frost suddenly left him entirely.

Accompanying this, though, was an exaggeration of the predatory, primal touches to his demeanor and mannerisms, which strongly ties 'wolf' to him when people recall him. Paired with the previously-mentioned habit of people to forget or miscall details about him, people more readily latch onto wolf-like traits as descriptors, and the timid or meek are put off by what can only be described as a predatory air that hangs around Soren. To his chagrin, this often results in more 'Big Bad Wolf' comments than he likes. (Primal Marks (Wolf))

As a highly-trained combatant, the Hollow One has a distinct sense of balance that shows itself in a self-confident and surefooted gait, and he has repeatedly shown himself to be astoundingly durable, able to withstand wounds that most would have succumbed to and enduring or sustaining physical trials that seem impossible.

Some may even be aware, based on the way he speaks about the subject, that Soren is either incredibly difficult to kill or bounces back from death, and this is in some way connected to his disconnected shadow and his cold touch. More information about this particular phenomenon could be best discerned in conversation.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 (Roguish) || Intimidation 5 (Overt Threats)
Soren used to be known for an abrasive yet sarcastically playful personality, one that seemed inappropriately familiar with almost anyone despite just meeting and notoriously blunt or prepared with a scathing retort to be delivered dryly. Once one's attention was drawn to him, it was easy to pinpoint him as a troublemaker and a rogue, with an almost tangible 'bad boy' air that attracted and deterred people of varying interests.

But that has drastically changed for the most part.

What was once playful sarcasm briefly became explosive irritability, and his bluntness had carried a sharper edge purely for the sake of spite to create intentional distance between himself and others. But most recently his temper has cooled into near-sociopathic distance. There is often a notable delay in his interactions, a detachment that gives the implication of mundane interaction becoming increasingly alien to him.

Where he once carried a formidable ferocity that dared someone to make a move against someone he viewed as 'under his protection', he suddenly showed a disconnect and a significant lack of compassion for or empathy with the majority of people, which started around the beginning of December 2014. Many might have even called him callous or frigid. It was a special occasion to be on the receiving end of a muted imitation of his previous personality.

Since March 2015, however, Soren's personality had shifted to be quiet and somewhat withdrawn. He was still capable of frigidness and temper, but he rarely showed either. His Resonance experienced a shift; where he was once heavily skewed towards Entropy, he now has less Entropic and is balanced with the gain of some Static. Over the remaining course of '15, his demeanor mellowed, but it has begun to ease back into the lighter tones of his initial personality, especially with those closest to him.