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Merianda Faye

Leader of the Lamplighters

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Merianda Faye

Name: Merianda Faye
Nicknames: Merry

Representative Tarot Card: The High Priestess, with influence from the Magician
Tradition: Verbena
Cabal: The Lamplighters
Chantry Position: Council Member

Physical Description: Appearance 5 (Ethereal)
Merianda is a woman of unfathomable beauty; she is porcelain skinned with no freckles or visible flaws across its surface with crystalline eyes of grey and shoulder-length hair of deep red. She has rounded features that belong to no one racial culture and a slender body that has some feminine definition but only enough that her gender is undeniable, instead of unnatural or exaggerated proportions popular in her aesthetic field of work. She has a sensuous grace to her movements and seems to be self-aware; no motion is excessive and each one seems purposeful. She has the poise of one who has been formally trained in etiquette and bearing without the traces of habit that nobility would possess.
Notable Possessions: She is usually never seen in the same outfit twice and her style ranges from comfortable slouch-clothes to formalized steampunk couture. She always wears a bracelet that has a multitude of charms and a necklace that has a vial-like pendant filled with a dark blue substance.

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 (Effervescent)
Merianda is a cheerful soul who likes to smile at strangers and invites people into conversations. She is bubbly and animated when she talks about something that she is excited about, and it is hard to not catch her fascination when she discusses something she is passionate about. She enjoys literature and it shows in the way she speaks, and her usual reaction to someone approaching her is friendly. It is rare for her to lose her composure during heated discussions or in the presence of infuriating individuals.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Uncanny 3 || Primal Marks (Brigid) || Fame 2 (Model/New Age author)
Once you see or meet Merianda, it is often difficult to forget her. There's no set thing, she's just incredibly memorable. For those with any knowledge of Irish mythology, she tends to bring the image of the goddess Brigid to mind, be it because of her appearance or her mannerisms or whatever.

Known Recent History: Merianda has recently arrived in Providence, RI, and she owns the brand new Klia Ellemanae, an occult shop.
General Mortal Knowledge: She is a model who does work in a variety of fields of the business; she has done some minor advertising as the face of a small occult-related business, she's shown up in 'World's 100 Hottest Women' for the last two years, and some other odds and ends. Perhaps less notably, she is also a published author on a few New Age subjects, including tarot and a collection of books on numerous different methods of mortal witchcraft.