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Benjirou Tsukino

Leader of the Misfits

"I believe that words are strong, that they can overwhelm what we fear when fear seems more awful than life is good." ― Andrew Solomon

Description Template

Benjirou Tsukino

Name: Benjirou Tsukino
Nicknames: Benji || Ezoroh
Resonance: Dynamic 3 (Shocking), Dynamic 1 (Ardent), Entropic 2 (Chaotic), Static 1 (Artful)

Representative Tarot Card: Ace of Wands; Nine of Cups
Tradition: Virtual Adepts (Faction: Reality Coder)
Cabal: The Misfits
Chantry Position: Council Member

Physical Description: Appearance 5 (Extraordinary)
Benji doesn't fit in anywhere he goes. He is kind of short for a guy, lean but in the athletic runner sense, and painfully gorgeous by any standard; he could probably make one hella attractive woman if he was so inclined. He looks to be Japanese in ethnicity but speaks with no accent. His hair is naturally dark; part of it is buzzed close to the scalp, while the rest is mostly grown out, with purple, pink, and blue colors dominating the stylized mohawk he is most known for. The outer edge of his right eyebrow is pierced, as is the right side of his bottom lip (twice); while the left side of his nose sports a silver ring and both of his ears are pierced with moderate gauges.

He has ink almost everywhere (including on his torso, back, and fingers), but what is most notable is that while most people remember him as inked almost from head to toe, sometimes they disagree on what, exactly, his tattoos are, as if they change from time to time.

His style is eclectic and typically casual, but regardless of what he wears he amost always has a pair of purple sunglasses on him somewhere, in addition to a gauntlet that makes frequent appearances on his right arm.
Notable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds:
Once you see him, you will probably never forget him. He is just too above and beyond people's 'everyday' threshold that he sticks in the memory for days, weeks, months on end. (Uncanny 2, Eccentric Appearance)

To be fair, there could also be other reasons for that: he's notoriously flirty, even if he has no legitimate interest in someone, and has found himself in trouble or in over his head by chatting up more than one person at a time, or chatting up the wrong person at the wrong time. He leaves a significant impression and is desirable, and both of those things combine to leave more than his fair share of jilted paramours in the wind. (Animal Magnetism, Incorrigible Flirt, Legend (Eros))

He is incredibly resourceful and is known to be spectactuarly well-connected to the flow of information, both on- and off-line. If something is going down or has gone down before and needs to be known, he either already knows it or can know everything there is to know about it in a matter of hours. How he has gathered this mysterious network of information is unknown, not that people haven't asked. (Well-Connected)

Personality Overview: Charisma 5 (Overwhelming)
Benji has a fantastic force of personality that usually knocks people off-kilter when they just meet him or aren't expecting it. He is opinionated and it shows, and he is incredibly casual about things people tend to not be casual about. He doesn't openly judge people and sometimes plays Devil's advocate just for the sake of conversation and making someone think about things differently. He is sort of shameless and there's rarely a point in trying to make him blush, but there is no telling how much of it is bravado and how much is experience; he can be pulled into challenges and one-upmanship contests somewhat easily, though. He has a nickname for everyone and is prone to using either slang, word abbreviations, or spelling acronyms.