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Benjirou Tsukino

Leader of the Misfits

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Description Template

Benjirou Tsukino

Name: Benjirou Tsukino
Nicknames: Benji || Ezoroh
Resonance: Dynamic 3 (Shocking), Entropic 1 (Chaotic)

Representative Tarot Card: Ace of Wands || Nine of Cups
Tradition: Virtual Adepts (Reality Coder)
Cabal: The Misfits
Chantry Position: Council Member

Physical Description: Appearance 5 (Extraordinary)
Benji doesn't fit in anywhere he goes. He is sort of short for a guy and lean, and he is painfully gorgeous by any standard; he could probably make one attractive woman if he was so inclined. He looks to be Japanese in ethnicity but speaks with no accent and his naturally dark hair is partially buzzed close to his scalp and partially grown out, with purple, pink and blue colors dominating the stylized mohawk he sometimes wears. The outer edge of his right eyebrow is pierced, the right side of his bottom lip is pierced twice, the left side of his nose sports a thin silver ring and both of his ears are pierced with moderate gauges. He also has ink almost everywhere: on his torso, on his back and even on his fingers. All his tattoos and meanings.
Notable Possessions: His style is eclectic but regardless of what he wears he almost always has a pair of purple sunglasses on him somewhere.

Personality Overview: Charisma 5 (Overwhelming)
Benji has a fantastic force of personality that knocks people off-kilter when they do not expect it from him. He is opinionated and it shows and he has a 'fuck the rules' attitude that is contrastingly laid back. He doesn't openly judge people and sometimes plays Devil's advocate just for the sake of conversation and making you think. He is sort of shameless and there's rarely a point in trying to make him blush, but there is no telling how much of it is bravado and how much is experience. He has a nickname for everyone and is prone to using either slang or word abbreviations.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Uncanny 5, Animal Magnetism, Incorrigible Flirt, Well-Connected
Once you see him, you will probably never forget him. He is just too outlandish and unexpected in one's day to day that he'll stand out in your memory for probably weeks on end, though there are other reasons you may not be able to get him out of your head. He's notoriously flirty, even if he has no legitimate interest in the person he is speaking to, and has found himself in trouble or in over his head by chatting up more than one person at a time. He leaves a significant impression, which means he has more than his fair share of jilted paramours too.

He is also incredibly resourceful and is known to be spectacularly well-connected to the flow of information, and that doesn't seem to be exclusive to online avenues. If something is going down or has gone down in the past, he either already knows or can know in a matter of hours. How he has gathered this mysterious network of information is unknown, not that people haven't asked.

Known Recent History: Benji's the leader of his cabal, the Misfits, and they're a bunch of party animals, to hear Benji speak of it. They keep people light, ease away worries, remind people there's hope in the world, and all that jazz. No one really knows of any of their more serious ventures, but they certainly have some. He has apparently attracted the interest of a Fae because he's 'shiny', no doubt thanks to hanging around Tripp, and he seems to have a nickname for everyone.

Some might call him the glue that keeps the Council together and on-target, but c'mon, just how valuable can a party boy be right? As it stands, he is close to the Deacon of the chantry, has a rapport with both Sentinels and is the most infallible point of contact with any given member of the Council.
General Mortal Knowledge: Party animal, playboy, and damn is he pretty.
General Tradition Knowledge: Ezoroh is a name that travels circles and can open - or bar - doors. He's renown as a source of information both valuable and invaluable, but it's known that he's odd in that he prefers face-to-face over text on a screen. He's known to be close to the Cult of Ecstasy, Euthanatos, Hollow Ones and Sons of Ether generally wherever he goes.