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Sophie Addams

Deacon of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

Sophie Addams is one of the founding members of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths, having discovered the site of the barely-present Node the chantry was built around when she was familiarizing herself with the city during the planning stages of a long-term project. With assistance, she revived the Node and made the decision to form a chantry that took members based on personal merit instead of by Tradition boundaries and protocols. She's a talented mage and socially adept, but she's getting a hard crash course in chantry and mage politics.

Description Template

Sophie Addams

Name: Sophie Jane Addams
Aliases: Soph, Sophie Jo, Jo-Jo, Bambi, Bosslady
Resonance: Dynamic 2 [Mellisonant], Dynamic 2 [Passionate], Static 2 [Subtle]

Representative Tarot Card: Queen of Cups
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy (Children's Crusade)
Cabal: Exempt from the cabal structure
Chantry Position: Deacon/Head of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

Physical Description: Appearance 5 [Delicate] || Dexterity 4 [Graceful]
She is an incredibly beautiful young woman, no older than her early twenties, with dark umber hair that has a natural curl to it and falls down her back about halfway, and expressive eyes of an unusual mixture of grey and green - the actual dominant color shifts from grey to green, depending on if she is sad or happy, respectively. Her complexion is a natural, soft ivory, but it is not unmarred - she has a collection of self-inflicted scars along both forearms, and there are several faded scars and brands on her back, the most notable of these being an hourglass on the back of her left shoulderblade; she has a piercing in her nose, on the left side, and she has a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. Around her right forearm she has some music staves, which the educated or familiar might recognize as the music to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division; on the outside of her right forearm, near her elbow, a splattered treble clef is tattooed.

Sophie is slender, but she is not as painfully thin as she was once known to be; her frame actually has a healthier, much more desirable shape, with tempting curves often accentuated by short shorts and clingy tee shirts. There is a notable grace to how she moves, but she doesn't have any noteworthy muscle definition - she actually doesn't look like she could defend herself in a physical confrontation, what with her 5'1 height and her possible hundred pounds, even. For all of her natural beauty, there is something about her, maybe the shape of her eyes, the color in her cheeks, something that evokes the idea of innocence, contrary to the experience her mannerisms speak to.
Notable Possessions: The Cultist is often seen with a very old, sort of battered white acoustic guitar that has been lovingly tended to, though it bears its age with a certain pride. There is something uncanny about the guitar, and it seems to bear a lot of Sophie's own resonance, even when not in her hands.

Personality Overview: Charisma 5 [Endearing] || Empathy 5
Sophie has a strong sense of personality that grabs people's attention and pulls them into her; she acts in a very loveable manner - maybe she's naive and wants people to like her, or maybe she's a sycophant, but either way, people tend to like her, or at least be amiable toward her. She is opinionated, but attempts to be tactful. The Cultist is also extremely intuitive and hyperempathetic, to the point where some may believe her to be psychic [beyond the, uh, magic possibility]; this is sort of creepy is someone isn't used to it, and because of her unusual tie to emotions, she tends to cycle quickly through her own. There is a near-supernatural air of incredible innocence that clings to her like a second skin that has often inspired people to protect her. Obviously, these things could coerce negative reactions from those who believe such things are weaknesses, or whom are simply unaffected by cute and helpless; she has had more than one occasion where someone tried to beat 'toughness' into her.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Enchanting Voice || Aura of Innocence
The Cultist loves to sing, she does so often, and it is very easy to note that she has been gifted with an incredible voice. People also seem to treat her as though she is someone who should be protected; they are often amiable to her, and she is frequently pushed behind some knight of the moment, which is sometimes irritating to her. Apart from desiring to protect her, most people view her positively, and it can be difficult to attribute negative intent or behavior to her, unless evidence exists otherwise; it's more likely someone else will be blamed than Sophie.

Known Recent History: Sophie arrived in Providence in the company of some other mages from Boston, Massachusetts three or so years ago, and it was because of her project that the group found the remnants of the Chantry of Divine Favor. She became the social leader of the newly-revitalized (and renamed) Chantry of Thirteen Faiths due to her social prowess and connections, but mostly because everyone else was best suited to a different task. Most who are aware of the general music scene of Providence would be aware of her presence as a popular (Fame 2 [Street Musician]) and much acclaimed/extremely talented acoustic musician (Expression 4 [Songwriting] || Performance 5 [Singing]).

There have been ups and downs since the formation of the chantry. Her initial and public relationship with Gary Greenway has dissolved near the beginning of 2013, while she has pulled away from most other members of the chantry. For a long while at the end of last year, she slept at the chantry in her office, was moody, and had been prone to forgetting simple things like eating and sleeping due to a rough crash course in inter-chantry politics due to the sudden disappearance of Dhiaga Sanctuary, the Chorister Chantry in the area. Within the last six or so months, she has since become healthier, no doubt thanks to a very friendly and familiar Verbena, but she has kept her social interactions down to what needs to occur due to her position as Deacon, which means most of the people she has interacted with has been newcomers, emissaries, and her own Council consisting of the leaders of the cabals associated with the chantry.

As of October 2013, she has taken on Isolde Bell as an apprentice, and she is trying to socialize with people on a more personal level again, but there is an almost timid nature to these interactions rather than the dynamic force of personality she is usually known to be.
Known Goals: Those who speak with her about her goals would be able to easily learn that she wishes to replace the negative resonance of certain areas in the city with her own positive resonance, to improve the 'feel' of the city, which would, in her opinion and belief, improve the general emotional health of the people who reside near these negative places.
General Mortal Knowledge: Any mortal who has been a part of Providence for the last two or three years will be familiar with Sophie's name, if not her face, because of the aforementioned Fame 2 as a street musician; she is very talented and is prone to spontaneous acoustic sessions on sidewalks during the busy parts of a given day. Homeless people or those who work in shelters may also recognize her, as she often visits various homeless children and teens, most of whom she has 'adopted' and who have 'adopted' her. As a musician, she also visits piano bars and local establishments that have open mic nights.
Out of Character Notes: Sophie's singing voice is very similar to a mixture between Holly Brook's and Hayley Williams'; you'll probably get tired of hearing the varied linked songs in random posts. Her avatar/images are all of the model Hanna Beth. Additionally, her speech is colored differently for the various languages she speaks: English: FF8080, Italian: BF4040, French: BF0000, Hindi: FF0080, Romanian: 8B5742, and Spanish: BF8040.