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Cassie Raiden

Member of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

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Cassie Raiden

Name: Cassidy Raiden
Nicknames: Cassie (to most); R4v3nf13ld (online only); Raven (followers/abbr. of username)
Resonance: Dynamic 1 (Idealistic)

Representative Tarot Card: Ace of Wands
Tradition: Virtual Adept (Faction: Reality Coders)
Cabal: Lamplighters
Chantry Position: Member

Physical Description: Appearance 3 (Geek Chic)
For someone with such wicked scores on the gamer cards and a straightforward and downright candid online presence, one might be surprised to find that all that attitude is stuffed into so tiny a package. Cassie stands at an unimpressively average 5'4 and is scrawny enough that even skimpy cosplay costumes have to work to give her much of a figure. She has long brown hair that she keeps plaited into dreads most of the time, and her eyes are dark brown and hidden behind black thick-rimmed glasses similar to those sported by the 'hipster' or 'geek chic' crowd.

She has a stud piercing in the left side of her nose, and both ears have piercings lining the outer curve, four up the lobe and two near the top curve. She wears rings on both hands, mostly plain bands of silver, titanium or dented or worn steel. She has a dimple in her right cheek when she smiles, and dazzling white teeth to boot. She has a tattoo on her right forearm and another down the right side of her back.

Her style of dress has an impressive range, from rocker chic to second-hand to customized pieces of curiosity that clashes with sensible style, though she most often prefers very casual and downplayed style in the form of jeans paired with a tee that has some pop or geek culture reference blazoned across the chest. Her glasses are a constant accessory, as is usually a bandanna scarf of some pattern loosely around her neck, and her footwear is almost always a pair of scuffed up combat boots or low-ankle Converse shoes of various colors.

She has a kick-ass custom gaming laptop that she often carries with her in a laptop bag, in which she also often keeps a teensy computer repair toolkit, an eyeglass case, a handheld game system or two and other odds and ends, including writing utensils and a notebook or two. She also keeps her smartphone on hand, with its delightfully deceptive phone case.
Notable Merits/Flaws/Backgrounds:
R4v3nf13ld, or Raven, is known within the online and console gaming community as a blogger relevant to such. She candidly reviews games from both creative and technical standpoints, as well as participates in community discourse - the 'gamer girl' fiasco blew her blog up in a huge way, which has sort of made R4v3nf13ld a popular forerunner of the so-called 'war on sexism' within the gaming community. (Fame 1: Blogger, Well-Connected)

Easily apparent to those who know her beyond the screen, she is quite adept with either hand at mundane tasks. (Ambidextrous)

Among the Virtual Adepts, R4v3nf13ld is known and regarded with some suspicion due to a period of known containment within a Technocracy facility in Seattle, WA. Though she and those who had recovered her have insisted she's squeaky clean, it's kind of difficult to believe that someone could be held for the three months she was known to be held for by the Suits without something attached or changed. It doesn't help that she has some unusual quirks, which some highly-educated others are quick to use as hallmarks of subconsciously rejecting alterations. (Notoriety 1)

Personality Overview: Charisma 4 (Quirky)
Online, Cassie is loud, proud and stubbornly blunt, and that's why people gravitate towards her. She has curious views of the way things are, which she vocalizes online usually through her blog, and while not usually mainstream she has a way of putting things that it makes a certain amount of sense to almost anyone. Add to that the fact she defends her beliefs and it isn't hard to see why she has so many followers.

Offline, Cassie isn't quite as loud but she still vocalizes many of her thoughts or beliefs, though outside the safe anonymity of the Internet people would often declare her 'weird' or 'odd', sometimes even 'stark raving mad'. She loves people though, and she loves to share her interests and so any discussion about one of her interests quickly becomes a colorful conversation of facts, opinions, gestures and expressions that really animate her as a person amid the growing pool of apathy.