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Phoebe King

Member of the Spiritus Curantis Society

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Phoebe King

Name: Phoebe King
Nicknames: Pheebs; Gadget
Quote: "Courtesy is a lady's armor."
Resonance: Dynamic 3 (Hopeful), Static 2 (Elegant), Static 1 (Stable), Entropic 1 (Selfless)

Representative Tarot Card: Page of Cups
Tradition: Hollow Ones (Gaunt)
Cabal: Spiritus Curantis Society
Chantry Position: Sentinel of the Chantry of Thirteen Faiths

Physical Description: Appearance 3
Phoebe is an attractive young woman who is slightly vertically challenged at 5'1", though she has a definitively feminine shape to her. She is pale with pink Cupid's bow lips and a slightly pointed nose, and her features hint at a mishmash of European blood. Her hair is naturally black, and her greenish brown eyes indicate a timelessness or an older, gentle soul.
Notable Possessions: Her attire is usually black, though there is often tones of rusted or aged colors on the deeper end of the spectrum. The clothing style she generally adopts tends to come off as semi-post-Apocalyptic, survival, or a slight leaning towards steampunk. While out and about or in safe places, she often has a white Angora cat that sports a simple blue collar.

Personality Overview: Charisma 5 (Docile) || Shy
Phoebe is a very meek individual. She often gives the impression of someone who is lost or out of sync with the current times, as she has either an unusual fascination with or an unhealthy and irrational fear of various technologies. She is soft-spoken and very gentle, careful with her words so as to not cause offense, and she often comes off as socially awkward. She is easily startled and becomes apprehensive in large crowds. Certain people may have a desire to protect her, while others may disdain her for her uncanny innocence, as it also makes her appear sheltered. She is almost painfully kind, eager to please and willing to trust almost anyone at face value if they're kind to her; she is undoubtedly gullible and possibly incapable of misleading someone.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Soothing Voice || Anachronism
She has a very soft voice that has an innately calming voice, be it from experience talking to frightened people and animals or simply because she is so soft-spoken and gentle herself. She does often seem displaced or out of touch with modern advances in science and technology, and she is almost painfully nonconfrontational. She is quick to try to soothe the physical and emotional hurts of others, but is apprehensive in large groups of people.
OOC Request: If your mage character (or sensitive mortal) is using Spirit Sight or is otherwise capable of seeing spirits/ghosts and you are around my character, please PM me.

Known Recent History: Phoebe had come from either Seattle or Portland over a year ago, and she has demonstrated some quirks that have made her some friends but a bit of an oddity. She is in a cabal with Joe Martinez, Kieran Alexander and Sascha Navratil, and it is known that she deals with ghosts as well as spirits; in fact, she seems to be quite talented as a mage. She likes to draw and write, and she comes up with enough odd yet plausible contraptions that some speculate she could have been an Etherite.

She was chosen to become a Sentinel of the chantry after Susan was dismissed, her appointment mostly being to serve as a counterbalance to Soren's temper. At the chantry-wide meeting in November of 2013, she argued for the shelter of and aid for Emmy Pensa to facilitate a turning of the other's coat toward the Traditions.
General Mortal Knowledge: She is the odd author and inventor who has taken up long-term residence at Edgewood Manor Inn, and she frequents bookstores but seems easily distracted in the older parts of town. Possibly afraid of her own shadow.