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Davos Abed

Council Representative for Makeshift Horizon

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Description Template

Davos Abed

Name: Davos Abed
Nicknames: David
Resonance: Dynamic 2 (Enthusiastic), Static 2 (Analytical), Entropic 1 (Consuming)

Representative Tarot Card: Judgement
Tradition: Order of Hermes (House Fortunae)
Cabal: Makeshift Horizon
Chantry Position: Council Member

Physical Description: Appearance 3
Davos is a man in his early 30s who stands at 6'3 and is built solidly, though his height tends to make him seem a little stretched and spidery instead of formidable. He has black hair and blue eyes, and he keeps a meticulously groomed, short-trimmed mustache and goatee, but on occasion he forgets to shave the rest of his face and sports a two-day-old beard during research stints. He dresses in button-down shirts and slacks, rarely any more casual than that, and even on days he forgets to shave his clothes are clean and well-kept and pressed.
Notable Possessions: He almost always has a pen on hand, and sometimes a notepad, but if he has no paper he will write on his arm and thus sometimes his left forearm will have equations all over it when he gets struck by a thought. He also has a custom pocketwatch and carries a smartphone that he frequently misplaces ("I swear, it was in my pocket a minute ago!"....."Have you checked your other pocket?"....."....Oh.") A pair of battered golden rings hangs on a chain around his neck, usually beneath his shirt.

Personality Overview: Charisma 3
He is a careful and proper man for the most part who leans on propriety and the norms of formal etiquette to try to cover the eccentricity of his fascination with numbers. This tends to make him seem cold or arrogant at first, but once someone starts him on a topic he is interested in, he seems to become half his age in his excitement and he forgets what image he is supposed to be projecting as said excitement takes over. Even still, he warms to people somewhat quickly, which is surprising given the cynicism of most of his age, and it paints him as dorkily weird more often than not.
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Twitch || Lightning Calculator || Natural Cypher
He is quick with numbers, like solutions to even complex equations just come to him, and he has a tendency to tap his fingers or rub his jaw/cheek when he is stressed; even when trying to perpetuate the height of etiquette, it is a habit he just can't suppress.

Known Recent History: Nothing presently known to everyone, save that he founded Makeshift Horizon in 2012 with its present members and he is the father of Ashley Abed.
General Mortal Knowledge: Sleepers may know him as an eccentric mathematician, but he has gathered a bit of a following in recent years due to his work. Rumor has it he is in the area to assist with the Applied Mathematics Department at Brown University, but this is presently only speculation.